Twilight's New Moon & Social Media, America's New Stimulus Plan?

What is so hot about the Volvo's XC60 coupe? Described on their Web site as a cross-over "with a big attitude," one would expect a car of this type to be owned by soccer moms driving their kids to practice. With a couple of well-placed product placements in a hit teens' & 20-somethings' movie, that same car is going to be on a lot of Christmas wish-lists this holiday season.

What was described as a 'missed opportunity' in the first Twilight  film, when the Volvo c30 made a cameo appearance, the manufacturers are going to capitalize this go around with the XC60 in "New Moon."  "It was a missed opportunity in the first film because the car had actually four minutes in the film, which is unheard of in product placement," says Linda Gangeri, Volvo's national advertising manager.

As this video shows, young adults who never thought twice about Volvos are all a sudden overly impressed based on their favorite vampire having taken the wheel...

With New Moon premiering on November 20, Volvo's marketing campaign kicks into high gear with social media and interactive games on a cross-promotional Web site and sweepstakes in the US, Canada, UK, France and Germany.

Volvo's grand prize offering is an actual Volvo XC60 that can be won by playing an interactive series of "Twilight"-themed puzzles launching Nov. 1 on the site. The campaign runs through Nov. 23, testing players' knowledge on salient facts about the films, allowing the participants to exchange hints via social media.

Gangeri says Volvo will seed comments about the game on Volvo XC60 pages on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook to generate buzz.

The campaign includes the site, where consumers can enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the film's premiere in Los Angeles on Nov. 16, where they will also get to meet the cast.

As far as social networks go, however, where Volvo may not gain advantage is on Twitter. On October 15, I blogged in "Will Twilight's Twitter Account Reach 1 Million Followers..." about the hype that said Twilight's Twitter account would reach 1 million followers before the movie's premiere. However, at that time Twilight only had 78,000 follower and on October 28, the site has only scaled to 122,640 followers.


Based on a negligible 18- 24 yr old demographic, Twitter may not be the best social network to promote the movie. As I indicated in the blog, a shift could occur where more of this age group joins Twitter because of the movie - and with the premiere approaching in just a few weeks - perhaps that is possible. But looks like Volvo's marketing efforts might be better spent on the other networks.

Volvo XC60Volvo XC60Nonetheless,since Robert Pattinson and the movie's star power are literally and figuratively driving this movie, how much impact do you think it will have on stimulating the economy? Perhaps Obama's team should have followed up "Cash for Clunkers" with a few more of these well-placed movie endorsements. This might have been the best route to pump money back into the country versus baling out the auto industry! The XC60 is definitely not your Mom's Volvo anymore! 

Oct 28, 2009
by Anonymous


There may not be that many followers of the actual
"Twilight" twitter site, however, there are many fanbased Twi sites, that retweet this information, so I am sure the numbers are much more than indicated by only looking at this particular twitter account.

Oct 28, 2009
by Anonymous

Twitter numbers

Part of Twilight's lure (for some) was the fact that it was this underground movement, not necessarily anti-establishment, but it was certainly not mainstream. The unofficial Twitter fan accounts tap into this feeling and rather than being fed polished information from a studio, we're getting info from fans just like us. I agree with the comment above - the numbers would be much higher than this if you looked at followers for say Peter Facinelli, Robsten Lovers, KStew 411 and even some of the fanfic writers.