Twin Peaks’ Appointment TV Enters The Twittersphere

It’s hard to think of our world prior to the Internet, PCs and on-demand entertainment - even though most of us have been around for the last few decades to have experienced this technological transition. In retrospect, we also wonder how TV dramas raised enough awareness without the communication push and virality tools of social media.

Before Twitter. . .

Yet just 25 years ago, prior to the Twittersphere, we had the Twin Peaks universe to revel in — a surrealist sphere that conjured up totally new narratives that blended a more-than-satisfying cocktail blend of existentialism, horror, camp, abstract visuals and a cadre of zeitgeisty-types of characters, more memorable IMHO, than any who have graced the small screen since.

Twin Peaks was one of the first TV shows to attract an audience who for the first time would schedule their leisure time around the timing of the weekly episodes. Ushering in the newly coined phrase ‘Appointment TV,’ Twin Peaks laid the ground work for the muckety-mucks at Networks, Premium Channels and Cable operations to give TV fans more opportunities to watch the shows they liked, more often. As a result, the birth of reruns, video-on-demand and internet-streaming addressed our insatiable desire to take in the best of the best, when we wanted.

Singularly unique, the 90’s cult classic which only eked out two seasons, was followed up by a full-length feature movie before the curtain came down. To have it return for a third season some twenty-five years later has fired up the digerati who remember and their social media timelines with anticipatory excitement.

Enter The Lodge. . .

However, getting a second-chance to entertain with such an iconic body of work has set the bar very high for writer/director/creator David Lynch who has only his own creative genius to compete with. Moving leaps and bounds beyond the David LynchDavid Lynchone-dimensional soap opera pablum of Dallas’s rebirth and subsequent demise, breathing new life into Twin Peaks, population 51,201 is going to be a monumental task.

While Lynch, and his partner Mark Frost will not air their new series on Showtime until 2016, they will however benefit greatly from some of the preemptive publicity being accomplished by TV and Web writers Emmett and Patrick Furey.

Emmett & Patrick FureyEmmett & Patrick FureyFor those who can’t wait another 2 years, “Enter The Lodge” is a collective writing project created by the brothers Furey that utilizes Twitter to expand upon Lynch’s universe in a very unique fashion. Twitter accounts for every character, major and minor, that ever graced the screen carry on conversations picking up from the series finale. From the inscrutable F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper, to the prophetic Log Lady tweeting in cryptic non-sequitors, and even murdered prom queen Laura Palmer all have Cooper, Log Lady & Laura PalmerCooper, Log Lady & Laura Palmeraccounts for the Twitterati to engage with.

To get started, follow @EnterTheLodge on Twitter to keep abreast of the latest updates to the site. Then click into the Characters section of their site, and follow the Twitter accounts they’ve set up for the entire cast.  You can follow the story in real-time on Twitter, or check back with the website regularly for updates, where each individual scene will be archived in their Story section.

Important to note, the Fureys have been very clear that this project is strictly a not-for profit venture, and is in no way affiliated with David Lynch or Mark Frost. Their intent is to excite old fans who still can’t get enough of all-things Twin Peakish, while additionally introducing the franchise to an entire new generation of fans who will enjoy it for years to come.

So, what about you, Readers?
- has this piqued (or should I say Peaked) your interest to return to a place and time, like no other? Or have Mr. Lynch and the Fureys opened up a Pandora’s Box that might set us all up for a disappointment? You know what they say about never being able to go home again! Your thoughts, Tweakers?