Twinkle, Twinkle, Lumen’s Solar-Powered Dragonfly Necklace

 Lumen Electronic Jewelry boasts one-of-a-kind creations inspired by the beauty of both the natural world and mechanical objects. Two fourth-generation sibling engineers, Martin and Robin Lawson, and four years of nose-to-the-grindstone collaboration have gleaned a remarkable final product. The Twinkling LED Dragonfly Necklace is powered by tiny solar cells attached to a circuit board, which is integrated into the design. Although the blinking is the central attraction, it is the idea of harnessing solar power to wearable jewelry that is its most amazing component.


 Twinkling Dragonfly Necklace: Source: DamnGeeky.comTwinkling Dragonfly Necklace: Source:


Lumen Electronic Jewelry

Capturing and celebrating the essence of  beauty whether on a physical or metaphysical plane of existence, is the focus of Lumen Electronic Jewelry. Every piece of blinking  jewelry is solar-powered. Uniting function with aesthetics, designs vary from necklaces to earrings to pins and cufflinks. They all twinkle wth a one-of-a-kind solar power glow. Bare bling is also a lovely option for that understated geek  who prefers twinkling to be limited to the mystical stars that comprise the universe.

The Twinkling Dragonfly Necklace


Anatomy of the Dragonfly Necklace: Source: Lumenelectronics.comAnatomy of the Dragonfly Necklace: Source:


The two designers of the necklace tried 8 different designs before settling on the final product. The piece is a circuit board with 16 amber LED lights  located in the wings, which are connected to12 small solar cells. The elimination of the need for a battery allows for a sleek and lightweight necklace.

For daylight hours, the necklace will blink for five hours into the night as well. A quick charge is available via a micro-USB connector. If the wearer is headed to discos and parties and such, the jewlery may tarnish as a result of the salt and water content in sweat. An epoxy coating protects the necklace from these elements. Cool but obviously a bit elitist, the appeal of the Twinkling Dragonfly Necklace isn't likely to be found in non-geek circles. It is also a bit costy, but well worth it to those who are inspired by the beauty of the natural world as it artfully blends with mechanical objects.

Special features of the Twinkling Dragonfly Necklace

This necklace is the epitome of interactive fashion. Jewelry powered by science and tchnology is a special and unique offering. Some features include: 16 LEDS, blinking in pairs; 12 tiny solar cells; 5 hours running time in the darkness; 30 minute solar charge time and 2 red alternating LED eyes. The fact that no batteries are needed means that none will end up in the landfill.


Lumen Icon: Source: Lumen Electronic Jewelry.comLumen Icon: Source: Lumen Electronic


The future of Lumen jewelry

The merging of geek with art is a nascent trend in wearable technology far beyond conventional gadgets and gizmos. Lumen jewelry is living, blinking evidence of a new kind of beauty. Children may well be the next audience for Lumen pieces, which transform technology into entertaining and fascinating adventure. Consider the Twinking Dragonfly Necklace the next time you opt to wear your love of technology on your sleeve (or your neck, to be exact).

Closing thougths on jewelery :

It's not what you have on the outside that glittlers in light, it's what you have on the inside that shines in the dark. ~ Anthony Liccone

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