Twirl N’ Take My Picture: Digital Cam Powered By Hand










As a continued environmentally conscious effort Sony has added one more hand-powered prototype to their eco-list called the "Twirl N' Take". It looks and moves kind of like a pizza cutter, but it doesn't cut pizza. It takes digital pictures instead.

The "Twirl N' Take" has a rubber wheel on top that that needs to be twirled across a flat surface for about 15 seconds to power it up. This will create enough power to take one picture. The pictures are not high quality, there is no flash and no LCD screen is available to immediately view the pictures, but because twirling is all that is needed to power it up there is never a need for the use of batteries either. Because there is no need for batteries there is also no need to worry about the batteries dieing on you while taking pictures.

The other benefit of course is that the camera's no need for batteries is very eco-friendly. If there is no need for batteries then there aren't any batteries to throw away or recharge over and over again. Think of all the picture taking possibilities on vacation or elsewhere.

For more information on Sony's other eco-conscious efforts such as the "Spin N' Snap" which charges by sticking your fingers through the viewfinder holes and spinning it or any of the other Sony's eco-gadgets go here .

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