Twist 'N Sparkle Adds Some Fun To Plain Old Water


Fizzy drinks are fun!  There is just no getting around it.  No wonder so many people are addicted to drinking soda.  The experts say that if you can give up your daily soda it can make a big difference for weight loss and overall health, but it can be a tough habit to break.  Water and other non-carbonated drinks just don’t seem very exciting by comparison.



However, with the Twist ‘n Sparkle system you can turn most non-carbonated drinks into fizzy ones.  The device comes with a BPA and Phthalate-free bottle and a special carbonating wand.  You just fill the bottle with your drink of choice (4 cups worth for water or 3 cups of anything else) insert the wand with the CO2 cartridge and twist.  It looks easy enough.



This could be a helpful gadget for those who are trying to drop some weight and are having trouble kicking the soda habit.  It looks to be portable enough that it could possibly even be taken along to work.  You could go ultra healthy and just do water or you could add fizz to some juice (diluted or not) or other flavored drink.  You just can’t use any dairy products or juices with pulp; you will have to revert to your old method of blowing bubbles through a straw if you want bubbly milk.



On the website the makers also suggest that you can use the Twist ‘n Sparkle to make fun new cocktails like sparkling mojitos or screwdrivers.  That could be entertaining, especially if you like creating new drinks for parties.


Feb 6, 2011
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