Twisted Lighting Designs: 'Ropes' By Christian Haas

German designer Christian Haas has introduced twisted lamps.  They're made of rope.  Not the fibrous, thorny kind of rope used to tie up bundles for shipping, but soft, silky textile ropes. Ropes you want to reach out and touch.

Haas's Ropes lamps - LED lit, 3-dimensional, masterful, mesmerizing rope sculptures - almost force you to wonder if the Ropes are vehicles for lighting or the lights are the vehicles by which we can appreciate Haas's artwork.

I guess the answer would be both. Introduced last month at Colette, during Men's Fashion Week in Paris, Ropes offered passers-by spellbinding treats for their imaginations.  From human spines to ribbons of DNA to a hangman's noose, Haas weaves likenesses and, perhaps, stories.


'Ropes' opening in the window of Colette, Paris in January, 2011: © Christian Haas'Ropes' opening in the window of Colette, Paris in January, 2011: © Christian Haas


'Ropes' closeup: © Christian Haas via'Ropes' closeup: © Christian Haas via


An even closer look at the Ropes promises you soft texture and intricate, delicate weaves.  The sculptures are all handmade in France and Germany and promise to be one of a kind.  Haas writes, 'Each unique and numbered piece varies in size and technique."


'Ropes' closeup: © Christian Haas'Ropes' closeup: © Christian Haas


The lights inside Ropes are soft LED's with a life span of around 50,000 hours!  They spread a warm, ambient light.  Here are some of the unique Ropes hanging on their own....


Ropes no. 10: © Christian HaasRopes no. 10: © Christian Haas


 Ropes no. 17: © Christian HaasRopes no. 17: © Christian Haas


Ropes no. 16: © Christian HaasRopes no. 16: © Christian Haas


You can see and purchase all 19 Ropes lamp designs at the Christian Hass online shop.


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