The Twister Stops Spaghetti Twirling Mishaps

If you are a pasta lover like I am then you have probably faced the frustration of trying, unsuccessfully, to perfectly twist the spaghetti onto your fork.  You dip your fork in your bowl and grab a couple of strands, but they quickly slip off.  You decide to go back for a larger amount the second time to compensate for the ones you will inevitably lose along the way.  Sadly, this new strategy results in a twisted knot of spaghetti too large to get into your mouth.  You try a third time and end up flinging sauce at the person sitting across the table from you.  You wonder if there is any graceful and efficient way to eat those delicious strands.

Well, someone has come up with a solution.  The Twister fork concept from designer Damjan Stanković has wavy prongs that are perfect for trapping long pasta so that it can be neatly twirled and eaten.  There would be no more need to employ a spoon to help catch the drips or to try to slurp the dangling pasta from the bottom up.

If it makes it to store shelves you just have to figure out a way to smuggle this along for date night at your favorite Italian restaurant.  Better yet, maybe spaghetti serving establishments will stock up on these.