Twitcam Beats Competition To Stream Live Video On Twitter

With the introduction of Twitcam by Livestream, anyone can reach one's Twitter following by live streaming video. All you have to do is log in with your Twitter credentials, hit the broadcast button and, assuming you have your webcam set up, you're good to go. It couldn't be any easier way for folks to conduct a video broadcast with live chat while one's followers respond by tweeting in real-time.

Anytime someone replies to one of your tweets where the link to the show is included, the app counts it as a reply. It then aggregates these in one central location, so everyone who is watching your show can see the entire conversation in a tightly-organized presentational format.

 Twitcam Web siteTwitcam Web site

Each page the service creates gets its own URL, which users can come back to at any point and watch once the live-streaming portion of the show has ended.from CNet.comfrom

This video is a demonstration of Twitcam in action,conducted when the API was launched on July 20, 2009

Livestream says that Twitcam was built in about a week and uses new player tools that are going into an updated version of its API which will be released in the near future. The updates will allow users to brand their own sites.

Twitter-centric services for sharing photos and videos has been exploding online and are in high demand by Twitter users. Just last week in a previous blog I talked about TwitSnaps lastest video upload feature.

However, in the video streaming field, Twitcam beats Camtweet to the market. .Justin.TV, one of the most influential players in the fiercely competitive live streaming market announced their new product  ten days ago, which is comparable to all that Twitcam has already delivered. However they are still yet to launch. What this shows is that no Twitter-related app can delay its roll-out.

To reach a critical mass of adaptors, in most cases, its the first to market that gains the greatest traction by users.  With no barriers to entry, the first app gets all the attention, while followers often appear as copy-cats. Now, I'm sure  the 'webcam' market will be booming with camera buffs lining up to purchase devices to start Twitcamming as soon as possible!  Don't could be the star of  the 2009 updated version of Wayne's World