Twitnic Table Tweets Timely Tales On Trees

Designed to get an organic answer to your questions, the Twitnic Table takes Tweeting off of the Internet and puts it onto the pine. 


From designers Jeroen Coelen, Laurens Prins and Parizad Saremi comes the Twitnic Table, a wooden picnic table with a special surprise; the ability to read and display Tweets sent to it using the hashtag #IDtable.


It works by using LEDs embedded in its surface and is designed for a school or office environment that has need of a collaborative and evolving design team. The idea here is that instead of using Google or another virtual search-and-answer machine, a Twitter user could simply create a Tweet with the #IDtable tag and have it sent to the the Twitnic table in the common area or lunchroom. As other workers and students saw the Tweeted question, they’d be able to respond to the sender quickly and with the specific information that was sought.


Sure, a phone call might work just as well, or a company-wide email or IM, but the truth is that Twitter has become the accepted social force for discourse among young professionals and students – anything else simply won’t bring a response.


The concept here is equal parts future-forward and retro-perfect; the combination of a wooden picnic table and instant Internet Tweeting seems at first odd but may actually work out quite well.


A YouTube video of the Twitnic Table shows it in action – users can affect the Tweet on-table with a series of hand movements and anyone with access to it can easily leave their own question, comment or general statement for all to see.


Obviously, this has a potential for misuse, as Twitter accounts can be created with only minimal amounts of information, and there is certainly an argument to be made that such a table would be used only for hilarious one-liners and clever repartee, but the concept is certainly worth looking at.


We’ll Tweet about it.


Source: Yanko Design