Twitsnaps Rewards Users $50 In Happy Hour Contest

Twitsnaps is the leading photo-sharing app on Twitter. Its advanced search, ratings program and 'Hall of Fame' are just a few of the unique features that attracts users to Twitsnaps, over Twitpic and some of the other competitive APIs in this field. Now with its Happy Hour Contest promo rolling out, it will once again distinguish itself from the pack by rewarding users for sharing their photos online via Twitter.

From September 8-14, the daily Happy Hour Contest will run from 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM Pacific Time and will be open to all US and Canadian users of Twitter and Twitsnaps. The process is simple. Upload your photos at Twitsnaps (if you are not a member, it takes a few seconds to join), compose your tweet, add the hashtag - #TwitSnapsHH and send your photo. As soon as your tweet is tweeted, you become eligible for that days' $50 reward.

How many entries you can send?
You can send in as many entries as you want to. There’s no restriction on the number of snaps you upload during the TwitSnaps' Happy Hour. In fact, the more snaps you share, the greater the chances of your winning $50!

Winners will be selected randomly
The winning entries will be selected randomly from the entire collection of snaps uploaded during Happy Hour, for a particular day. The owner of the randomly selected photograph will be awarded $50. Payment will be made via PayPal.

Follow TwitSnaps on Twitter
Follow @TwitSnaps on Twitter to get the latest news and updates about the TwitSnaps Happy Hour Contest. We will announce the daily winner through our Twitter handle. You can also track our blog to see if your snap has been selected as the prize winning entry- The winners will be featured on the TwitSnaps blog.

K.N. Ajit NarayanIn interviewing K.N. Ajit Narayan, brand manager for Twitsnaps, he noted, "this contest was just one of many they will be launching on both their photo-sharing and video-sharing sites." He also indicated that the Happy Hour Contest will be  the "first time that users will actually be rewarded on Twitter for sharing their photos."

I am sure that other photo-sharing apps will follow suit by introducing competing contests. But according to Narayan while "photo-sharing via Twitter has always been free, Twitsnaps now gives you even more reason to use their service."

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calenders for September 8th, and starting Twitsnapping!