TwitSnaps vs.TwitPic - Better Photosharing App?

Did TwitSnaps just build a better mousetrap than TwitPic?  Still in Beta format, TwitSnaps has launched a new photo application for Twitter that appears to feature more functionality than any other other photo sharing application online today. 

TwitSnaps allows you to upload photos that are up to 10 MB in size (vs. TwitPic's 4 MB limit). Users can add a watermark to their photography,view a magnified version of the photos using the "Zoom" feature, shorten URLs and rotate and save upside down photographs.

Feature by feature, TwitSnaps outshines its competition in areas that are sorely lacking with the TwitPic app:
  • PROFILE - creates unique profile page based on your Twitter User ID
  • RETWEET - allows for Retweets of photos
  • USER COMMENTS - comments posted on photos can be edited or deleted
  • SEARCH - offers 'search by keyword'
  • RATINGS - offers a rating system for photos
  • DESCRIPTION - description on photos can be edited
  • VISITORS -  lists visitors that have viewed your photos
  • POPULAR PHOTOS  - lists most viewed photos in a "Hall of Fame" tab
TwitSnaps also allows you to tweet your photographs from your cell phone and through API. To get started, all you need to do is to log into the TwitSnap site with your Twitter User ID and password, browse and select a photo, add description and simply "snap it." Tweets of your snaps get automatically posted to Twitter. It's as simple at that.

Yes, I think TwitSnaps just built the better mousetrap. I give this application two snaps up!