Twittahoo - Progeny Of Twitter & Yahoo Follows Microhoo Deal

For a long time Yahoo's relevance has been waning on the Internet and in the search field. So much so, that it's considered a bit of a dinosaur by the digerati. To counter this image, Yahoo is stepping up its online presence in the social media space - first with Microsoft, followed by Facebook and now with Twitter. Are they too late to the the social networking party or will the Twittahoo alliance resurrect this Rumpelstiltskin?

According to an LA Times report, Twitter missed its golden opportunity to shine and cash in on the rise of social networking when Facebook rebuffed its $1-Billion+ take-over offer a few years back. It has since signed an agreement with Facebook allowing its users to share Facebook status updates.

The partnership with Twitter will launch in the second half of the year. The arrangement is such that users will be able to share material from both sites without having to leave either one. However, starting now, Twitter's real-time updates will begin showing up in Yahoo's SERPs(search enginge result pages) similar to the Google and Bing deals already in place.

Plans to integrate its search business with Microsoft may also help Yahoo regain revenue after it lost almost 20 percent of its market share in the past year. The Microhoo deal will also foster greater competition with Google which presently commands 85.7 percent of the global search market share, as of January, 2010, according to NetMarketShare.

Dinosaurs are hard to kill off, but they have been known to eventually leave the planet. Will Yahoo's recent flurry of alliance activity be enough to allow it  to rise from its ashes, or is more like Shakespeare's flawed character Macbeth who declared in his last act, "life's like a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more."

When all is said and done, might the Microhoo deal become...