Twittamentary, First Documentary Screenings Dedicated To The Twitterverse, Go Global

With a movie project that has virtually taken years to "wrap,' Twittamentary, is a film about communities that is now available for communities around the world. Having received numerous request from folks and organizations across the globe, the film's producer is thrilled to announce an "open call" for community screenings to take place between February 1 and May 1, 2012. That's right, if you have a suitable venue and meet the screening requirements, all you need is 20 of your closest friends or fans to put on a show - for free!

Twittamentary is a documentary about the everyday people who use Twitter; from a travel journalist turned “Twilebrity” to a porn star who uses Twitter to stay in touch with her fans; from a stock trader who tweets from the world’s largest exchange to a homeless woman who uses Twitter to find a place to live.

Siok Siok TanSiok Siok TanTwo years ago, I had the distinct privilege of being invited to a sneak peek preview of Twittamentary held at the Roger Smith Hotel in Manhattan. Hosted by the Singaporean award-winning movie producer Siok Siok Tan, the film (which was at the time, still in post-production) was offered up to a screening room full of social media types. What this filmmaker attempted to capture on film was the randomness of an ecosystem - that is so difficult for anyone to put their heads around  - let alone explain comprehensively in the body of one film. But always up for the challenge, Ms Tan took on that task brilliantly.

On February 15, 2012, a Manhattan film screening will be one of the opening acts for the 2012 Social Media Week. Shown on a dual screen with a live Twitter wall (which is one of the screening requirements), Twittamentary will create a unique cinematic where the audience can interact with the cast and crew, in real-time while watching the movie.

Syd Bolton was recently interviewed on "Tech Talk" where he was proud to announce his involvement in the first screening of Twittamentary in Canada. As founder of the Personal Computer Museum, Bolton noted during his interview that he would be hosting the first Canadian screening at the Wilfrid Laurier University Academic & Research Center in Brantford, Ontario. According to Tan, "when we announced the open call for screenings, he moved very quickly to confirm a screening date on March 2."

@TruckerDesiree@TruckerDesireeDocumented in the feature film is Tan's cross-country tour of the United States, where she engaged with a number of folks who had submitted their Twitter stories to her via the Twittamentary website. One of the most colorful selected cast members was Desiree Wood, whose Twitter handle is @TruckerDesiree. Being a woman behind the wheel of a Big Rig is not only an arduous physical task - for a woman - it came with a lot mental anguish in trying to blend in with an old boy's club.

As a self-proclaimed whistle-blower, Desiree found the real-time access on Twitter to be an effective tool in addressing inequities within her industry. "I came to Twitter because I was raising issues that I knew in my heart if the general public was aware of, they would be outraged," she told me in a recent interview. Lobbying against the American Trucking Association, Desiree has since been interviewed by Dan Rather in his investigative reports that focused on the corruption in the trucking industry.

In response to the "screening call," Wood, whose dog "Karma" even has a Twitter account is "planning on @TruckinDogKarma@TruckinDogKarmaorganizing a screening for the trucking community and has some cool ideas such as screening the film at one of the larger truck stops or an upcoming trucking convention," notes Tan.

Wood's story helps "illuminate the possibilities of the community screenings," adds Tan. From the Urban Nomad Festival in Taipei, the National Media Museum in the UK to the Cinequest Film Festival in heart of Silicon Valley, Twittamentary is truly an international phenomenon, and one the Twitterati and film buffs should definitely consider organizing in their own neighborhoods and at their own community events.

For more on the "Screening Guidelines" and the opportunity to donate to the production and streaming costs of Twittamentary, visit their website, or contact SiokSiok Tan at

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Twitter, at the movies!!!Twitter, at the movies!!!