Twitter Documentary Guaranteed Not To Wipe Your A** (Teaser Video)

While Facebook is grabbing all the headlines with the soon-to-be-released movie "The Social Network," you might not have heard about the Twitter documentary coming out of Singapore called 'Twittamentary." In its final stages of production and guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows, the movie interviews both Twi-hards and members of the Twitterati, as well as those that think the microblogging platform is a total waste of man's time and energy.

Changing the world in a 140 characters or less is an arduous task. But many would say that Twitter has done just that. In less than five years, garnering over 100 million users, Twitter has challenged the effectiveness of traditional media by being a real-time channel for news dissemination. It has been at the forefront of world crises such as the Iranian Election protests and the Haitian earthquake as they were happening. It's covered world sporting events such as the recent World Cup in South Africa.  It's been a brand differentiator prompting increases in awareness and ROI for companies such as Dell, Zappos and Jet Blue - while bringing other brands to task for faulty customer service, like United Airlines and Sears.

Celebrated Singaporean filmmaker Siok Siok Tan, the 12-time Asian TV award-winning director for Discovery TV and the producer of "Boomtown Beijing" will produce the new Twitter documentary.

Siok Siok TanSiok Siok TanIn an interview I conducted with Siok Siok back in August, '09, she indicated her motivation for embarking on a Twitter documentary project was based on many of her Twitter friends waxing poetic about how “Twitter changed their lives.” Yet when she started questioning what that meant, "it was almost impossible to explain what this ‘life changing’ experience was - and so many others still felt that Twitter was a ‘meaningless’ enterprise developed for 'narcissists' and 'micro-celebs.'"  This  divergent opinions led Tan to believe this was the kind of material great films were made of. "After all," she noted, "film is the appropriate medium for making the seemingly inexplicable accessible."

In the movie's first teaser video, Siok Siok talks to both the "lovers" and "haters" of Twitter and delivers a hilarious glimpse of the light and dark side of Twitterville.

In interviewing Siok Siok today, she noted that this video is the first of a series of teasers that will be followed by a full trailer. "My thought behind the making of this teaser is similar to my approach to the film - that is, I am trying to find an entry point that will be engaging and entertaining for a general audience, not just those who are 'Twitterholics.'" she says. 

For those who don't get Twitter, the common perception is that it is a place where people share trivia. Siok Siok thinks the use the 'ihatetwitter' hashtag serves as a great 'jumping off' point to provoke as well as engage those that may not get Twitter. In essence, Siok Siok feels that her "film is  a journey to discover if there is any substance behind all the hype."

The film is presently raising its final funding for post-production for a late 2010 / early 2011 release. Siok Siok would like to appeal to readers and interested parties that can connect her and her production team with upcoming film festivals and potential global distributors. For those that move in those circles, please contact @sioksiok on Twitter and reference this post.

Aug 5, 2010
by Anonymous

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