Twitter Breathalyzer Tweets Your State Of Sobriety

Twitter may not have jumped the shark yet but Akiduki Drunk just might be the last straw. Or not - who knows where the limit of self-centered minutia really lies?

One thing that doesn't lie is the digital breathalyzer built into this small blue box that so prominently displays the Twitter logo (though the chances Twitter endorses it are likely near nil).

Basically what we have here is a breath tester that analyzes the submitter's BAC (blood alcohol content) and automatically tweets it to his or her network.

Along with the numerical BAC rating, the tweet assigns a corresponding short phrase such as "now a little drunk", "now drunk much" and "very drunk now", the last of which was triggered by one Koress Project tester's BAC of 5579. Nice work if you can find it!

The Akiduki Drunk device itself has a pleasingly retro appearance featuring a  ventilated blue metal hood, clunky lights & knobs, a big round breath sensor and cheesy DYMO labeling. On the back you'll find a power switch, AC input and a LAN socket to connect the box to your computer.


Grab a bottle of your fave social lubricant and you're ready to party... and to let the world know al about it. Erm, you might want to ensure that any of your followers don't work in the field of law enforcement, however. (via Gigazine)