Twitter Can Determine Where "Paranormal Activity" Appears

Just in time for Halloween, you can vote for the scariest movie since "Blair Witch." Yes, you can now vote for where you want a new motion picture to appear and if you can assemble a million followers via social networks like Twitter and Facebook, you can "demand" that the movie be distributed nationwide.

As the brainchild of Eventful, a venture-backed start-up in San Diego hired by Paramount Pictures, the service allows the film actors and actresses to ask their fans where their motion picture should appear.

In the case of the low-budget film, "Paranormal Activity," produced for a paltry $10,000, the movie was first allowed to be viewed at midnight screenings at only 13 small college towns. But as of October 9, the polls from the Web site indicates the vote totals are coming close to a nationwide distribution consideration with 960,000 demand votes.

The demand increases momentum when it is reposted on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace."Paranormal Activity" has been a trending topic on Twitter since October 9.

According to John Glazier, Eventful's chief executive, "watch for more movies to be released this way," as he has been fielding calls this week from other movie studios curious about the success of "Paranormal Activity."

Once again viral demand from the 'wisdom of crowds' is making decisions where heretofore the average 'Joe Consumer' had no say.  And once again the tweet demonstrates its mighty power!