Twitter Drawers Collection Tweaks Twitter to a T

How tweet it is!How tweet it is!


Twitter has really taken off in Japan and naturally Japanese twitterers want to add native spice to background their tweets.

The Twitter Drawers Collection was developed to fill that demand. The good thing is that anyone can download the wallpapers and best of all, TDC is free!

Why the focus on Japan? Well, according to  Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, 20% of Twitter users are located in Japan. Talking with Tim O’Reilly of Nikkei IT-Pro, Williams also revealed that "Japan is one of the most active countries on Twitter by numbers of tweets." 


Twitter co-founder Evan Williams tells it like it isTwitter co-founder Evan Williams tells it like it is


The Twitter Drawers Collection - "drawers" meaning those who draw, not a place to store socks & undies - is a collaborative project supported by 37 Japanese illustrators who just happen to be twitter users. The result: 37 different Twitter wallpapers with a distinct Japanese accent.

37 flavors to choose from (15 shown above)37 flavors to choose from (15 shown above)


The wallpapers are available for download from the TDC website and are absolutely free. TDC also respects twitterer's need for flexibility as many of the wallpapers are available in different sizes. At least one that I viewed is even optimized for the iPhone with a 320×480 pixel spread.

Of course, they make beautiful desktop wallpapers if you're not into Twitter but love Japanese illustrations and anime style. (via Asiajin)