Twitter Lists Inspired By Tweetdeck, Google Wave & Enterprise Microblogs

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, you might want to consider "making your list and checking it twice." Lists are the new order of business in Twitterville. Some say it will take the place of "Follow Fridays." Others think its jumping on the the Google Wave and Enterprise Microblogs' bandwagon.

Sort of like a Wave-lite, Twitter's new list feature seems to be attempting to combine email and microblogging into a single media solution. Collaboration seems to be the goal here as users can now band together to share topics of common interest.

Twitter lists allows users to create conversations for specific groupings of tweeps, while allowing others to subscribe to 'public lists' so they can use a watchful eye to peak in on what others are talking about.

Here's a quick tutorial provided by

According to Punch Communications,"as well as adding collaboration possibilities, lists provide users with a way of categorising their followers, an aspect of the social network that takes inspiration from the abilities of the many Twitter clients such as Tweetdeck or Tweetie."

Top Ten Enterprise MicroblogsTop Ten Enterprise MicroblogsIn my blog "Top Ten Enterprise Microblog Sites," I noted that Twitter and Facebook were lacking because they didn't offer a complement of collaborative tools included 'threaded replies.' And while a number of Enterprise Microblog sites have surfaced to fill the void, I think Twitter is now addressing this same issue.

While the list feature was launched on October 29, only a select number of users were allowed to take the 'list feature' out for a test run. However, Twitter has indicated that the beta version will be available to the entire Twitterverse very soon.

According to Twitter, their October 30 post stated the following:
  • "We’re putting the finishing touches on our new Lists feature and we're really excited about the folks who have already taken a lot of time creating awesome lists. From the @time list of funny people to your own list of people who make you laugh—it's easy to see how this feature increases discovery and adds value in lots of ways."

Here's a screen shot of one of my lists. Since I am interested in DIGG, I created one that would focus on those users who are actively involved in their social bookmarking process...

Ron Callari's Twitter List for DiggersRon Callari's Twitter List for Diggers
If you've made my list, you can confirm yourself as a follower. If not, and you are an active DIGGER, feel free to join me at

As collaborative as some lists are, its also important to note, that lists can at times be exacerbating too...

Oct 31, 2009
by Anonymous

It already existed in Live Journal

Years ago...