Twitter Powered Mobile Ice Cream Shop

A number of businesses have been popping up lately which use Twitter to recruit clientele, proving just how powerful social networking can be, especially when it comes to business development. The latest business powered by Twitter is Coolhaus, the mobile Ice Cream shop.

Coolhaus is appearing in varying locations around LA just in time for summer with its cool ice cream confections. This mobile ice cream shop produces custom ice cream sandwiches, using a variety of homemade cookies for the outside, and an ice cream flavor of your choice for the middle. The delicious summer treats can be purchased from the Coolhaus truck prefabricated or can be made to order, that is, if you can find their location that day. Instead of relying upon jingling bells or light-hearted tunes to attract a crowd of over-heating customers, Coolhaus releases its location each and everyday via Twitter, so their followers can literally follow them in the real world outside of the computer screen!

Via: Springwise