Twitter Tattoo Stockings Kick-Start Social Media Fashion

Old & busted: fishnet stockings. New hotness: network stockings. Yes indeed, thanks to an enterprising crafts-person with a yen for social media, those who twiddle away the day with their thumbs can now cast a lure for followers with their thighs.

The Twitter Tattoo stockings - or as the manufacturer likes to call them, "stalkings" - are produced in-house in small batches.

The "Follow Me" message is rendered in deep black, tattoo-style, and appears on one leg only.

Wearers can alternate the graphic from one leg to the other and/or twist the position of the design from front to back to side or whatever, to suit their preference or just to mix thuings up a bit.

The eye-catching stockings and thigh-highs come in a wide range of colors and styles (check with the manufacturer for availability), and you can also choose between the Twitter bird or a white rabbit on a black oval background. Sorry, there's no Fail Whale.

These alluring Twitter Tattoo stockings are made and sold by Post over at Etsy; prices are in the $18-$20 range plus shipping from the seller's location in Israel. Makes a great gift, and according to the manufacturer, "Guys love them!"... not that there's anything wrong with that. Get your Geek Chic on, one leg at a time! (via Gigazine)