Twitter At Work With Tweegle, The Ninja Social Network

As Twitter has become a worldwide social networking phenomenon, businesses and businessmen worry about its effect on staffers who are tweeting when they should be working. And why not? Twitter may be an essential facilitator for one's social life but it can also be somewhat addictive - to the point that many managers in Japan (at least) have banned their employees from using Twitter during business hours.

Some may say an outright ban on 9-to-5 tweeting is overkill: many of today's innovative career professionals incorporate Twitter and other social networks into their daily work routines.

Assuming you're one of those conscientious staffers who tweet relevant info (and not what kind of sandwich they're having for lunch today), Tweegle could help you do your biz while flying under the boss's radar.

According to Asiajin, Tweegle is a new service from Usagifrask Co., Ltd. that at a casual glance looks a lot like Google Search. Look closer (and hope your boss doesn't), and it reveals itself as a web-based Twitter client.

Here's how it works: punch up the Tweegle website and wait for Twitter OAuth to recognize your account. Then, as usual, you'll see your Twitter timeline displayed but in the format of the Google search results front page.

Tweegle also disguises your Follower pages, giving them the outward appearance of Google Image Search pages.

Usagifrask obviously has put a lot of thought into providing for the needs of Japan's working social media fans. In addition to Tweegle, the company also offers a 2-channel viewer that looks like an Excel spreadsheet. Lurking around Japan's notorious 2-channel forums can be a dicey proposition at the best of times but at work... even more so. Good thing the kindred spirits at Usagifrask have your worst interests in mind! (via Asiajin)