Twittereye Presents All Twitter Apps In One Location

When you are in the eye of the storm, there is a calmness to determine one's next move before the maelstrom hits. When one enters, you will have quick access to every Twitter app known to man on one handy-dandy-all-purpose web site. And while you may be overwhelmed by the data overload, this tool is a real time saver for those who gravitate to all things that Twitter.

At the time of this post, there were 559 Twitter applications all neatly sorted out by category. Analogous to the Apple applications ads, if you need a tool for analytics, Twittereye has an app for that. If you want to find more friends to follow, Twittereye has an app for for that. And if you want to monetize your efforts on Twitter... by golly... Twittereye can find you an app for that.

According to its website pitch, Twittereye is "a growing directory of resources for users of twitter containing descriptions and links to hundreds of twitter related applications, web services, sites and blogs."

TwitterEye Web siteTwitterEye Web site

Twittereye's goal is to become the largest aggregator of Twitter-related resources on the Web which will be continuously updated over time. It's searchable and allows site visitors to rate and comment on the apps they find.

Subsequently, the ratings help surface a continuously updated Top Ten list that at the time of this posting included the following:
    1-  TweetDeck  
    2-  Tweetie  
    3-  TwitQA  
    4-  Twittro 
    5-  TweetMyLink 
    6-  Twittley 
    7-  Twittercounter 
    8-  TwitterFox 
    9-  Print your Twitter 
    10- Togi Twitter Client

As Twitter apps are being developed daily, the site welcomes new app submissions. It also is interested in editors joining the group who are interested in submitting, posting and managing comments about the applications.

Twittereye is an invaluable resource. And you don't have to worry about that maelstrom hitting, because while there is a lot of information to sort through, it's all available in one convenient location. And when you are ready to link to an app of your choosing all you have to do is toggle over to the app's Web site.

Based on the Top Ten List posted above, let me know which app you favor over all the others. Take our poll and check back regularly to see which app reaches the number one spot.