Twitterlebrities & Politicians Not Safe on SuperNews!

Online animation has been capturing the imagination of Internet users for quite some time, ever since JibJab first lampooned the Bush Administration some 8 years ago. Sort of like the progeny of South Park and Mad Magazine, or The Daily Show meets The Onion, SuperNews! has been hatched live and raw to expand on that age-old tradition of satire. With its own twist of ironic commentary on politics and the lifestyles of the attention-deficit digerati, Super News! is a short form animated television series which airs on Current TV and has officially alerted the media online and off, that they are taking no prisoners!

The show first conceived in 2005 by Josh Faure-Brac (aka Super_Josh) is based on political humor and digi-pop culture. In its early days, its first frontal lobe attacks struck with shock and awe fervor at Bush and his neo-con cronies. Current TV is an Emmy award-winning independent media company led by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and businessman Joel Hyatt. It's a pay TV channel aired in the US and UK, but also available for free online. Differentiating itself as peer-to-peer news its 24/ content is produced and programmed in collaboration with its growing audience and SuperNews! fans.

Josh Faure-Brac created the pilot for SuperNews! with partner Steven K. L. Olson and together they have streamlined the process of doing Flash "puppet-style" animation, which allows for a quick production turn around.,In a PoytnerOnline interview, Josh noted that "the technical details are simple, SuperNews! is animated mostly in Flash. Sound design in Pro-Tools then boo-yaa: TV show!" The SuperNews! team has grown to 12 people and recently launched their first real deal half-hour show that is aired on Friday nights with 10 new episodes to air this season.

Twouble with TwitterTwouble with TwitterOn March 20th, the SuperNews! premiere of "Twouble with Twitters" aired on Current TV and weapons of laugh destruction were leveled at the Twitterverse and it twittering inhabitants. This animated short identifies with a young man who is struggling against the pressures of twittering his life away. In the Super_Josh world, Twitter is a "magical land" where every one is talking to no one and everyone at the same time. The Tower of Babel world he envisions is one where people cannot exist unless they are expressing their every thought and emotion. Its a biting commentary that can be appreciated by "devotees" and "critics" alike.  While Josh delineates the depersonalization that Twitter has added to our collective psyche, in a recent interview, he also admits to not being a "hater". "I get it. And now that my Twitter cartoon is getting Twooted all over the place I've actually started Tweeter-doodling. And it's pretty cool." notes the creator.

And if you are wondering if the SuperNews! team has strayed from its political roots, think again. Watch Obama, Biden, Hillary and Rahm Emanuel bicker over how to tackle the AIG debacle. 

ImageImageAnd even though the Bush League-ers have high-tailed it out of town, there is plenty of other right-wing fodder to detonate in the mine fields of the Capital Beltway. For instance, have you ever wondered what a typical night is like in the life of Ann Coulter,the political commentator and syndicated columnist? Well, sit back, relax and brace yourself, because SuperNews! creator Josh Faure-Brac not only takes you into her life... but deep inside the recesses of her boudoir.

One can only hope Coulter has an epiphany after reviewing that animated attack and enters rehab to recover!

During a recent interview when Josh was asked if he misses skewering the Bush cabal because they Were essentially "joke flytraps for SuperNews!" he responded quickly with "not in the least."  Apparently Josh's team have their sights focused on the future and what is currently driving the world mad!

For a glimpse into what the SuperNews! team has in store for all of us, flash on over to the the website or catch their weekly half-hour sit-com on Current TV every Friday evening at 10 PM ET/PT.