Twitter's Down? Where's The Fail Whale When You Need Him?

There was something comforting about the appearance of the Fail Whale. His emergence from the depths of the Twitterstream meant that Twitter's usage was growing faster than it's server capabilities - but not to worry...because help was on its way. However, today that slumbering leviathan was disturbingly MIA?

In a post I wrote last October titled "Why The Fail Whale Is Here To Stay," I noted how the Fail Whale symbolized Twitter's constant state of flux of continuing to evolve and enhance its functionality and features. And without an appearance by a favorite mammal, it meant Twitter was plateauing and no longer pushing the envelope to think outside the box.

Today, Twitter has substituted the Fail Whale with a less imaginative approach in alerting us that "systems are down!"

If you've received this screen announcement, you are not alone. Twitter users globally are being presented with the same perfunctory notice. If you were to go to Twitter's status page, the only explanation you're provided about the outage is due to frozen timelines.

Apparently these problems are only an issue for the Twitter Web site. All third-party services using the Twitter API are not affected, as far as most blogging sites are currently reporting.

Twitter Troika - Ev Williams, Biz Stone & Jack DorseyTwitter Troika - Ev Williams, Biz Stone & Jack DorseySo which one of the Twitter Troika was the Captain Ahab in this scenario? Who harpooned this revered icon? Ev, Biz or Jack, you need to fess up. And if it was a joint decision, what possessed you?

I don't know how others feel, but having lived 'In the Belly of the Fail Whale'  for quite some time, the mere fact that Twitter has chosen to kill him off when we most need him is definitely unacceptable. Please join my petition to bring back the Fail Whale, so we can once again believe that today's outage is simply a hiccup in Twitter's ongoing efforts to improve their mousetrap.

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