Two-Lane Pavement Picnic Sheet Takes Road Food To The Next Level

Old and busted: picnics in the park. New hotness: a picnic in a parking lot! Japanese artist/designer Yuma Kano's disconcerting “On The Road” picnic sheet puts al fresco diners square on the pavement even if they're off the beaten path.

Kano, who opened Studio Yumakano in an old Tokyo shipyard in 2012, infuses practical product designs with artistic qualities which “question what daily life, emotion, and function really are.”

With “On The Road”, Kano sought a solution to an odd conundrum: while we're surrounded by busy streets, avenues and highways it's impossible to sit, stand or walk amongst the swiftly flowing traffic. Challenge accepted?

“I'm sure everyone has thought,” pondered Kano, “'If I had enough courage, just once I'd like to lie down in the middle of the street.'” Admit it, you've thought that... and now it can (safely) be done!

The “On The Road” picnic sheet measures 3500mm long by 2620mm wide () and offers a total of 16 metal grommets with which to fasten it to the ground in windy weather.

Kano estimates a single sheet will comfortably hold 3 to 4 people but larger parties can be accommodated by adding additional sheets and thereby extending the street. Life in the fast lane... not just for drivers anymore!