Two Useless Sneaker Technologies in One Shoe: Solebox Reebok Omnizone Pump


Do you find that air pumps on your shoes just don't constitute enough useless, hype-driven technology for your particular piggies? Well, Reebok brings a whole new element of gratutious tech to a new shoe that will be coming our way in the next few months. The shoe maker has teamed with Solebox, a German sneaker shop, to present the Solebox x Reebok Omnizone Pump. Not only do you get Reebok's tongue-mounted pumping system, but you get some bright red LEDs on each foot.

On the plus side, unlike LA Gear Lights that some may remember from the 80s/90s, the Omnizones don't blink and allow you to shut the action off if you want to go stealth. And if I'm being honest they don't look that bad. As far as bright LED lights on your shoes go. 

The Omnizones are expected to drop sometime this winter (February or March).  No pricing info just yet, but it'll only be a few months. 

Sneaker Freaker  via Hypebeast via Ubergizmo