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Looking for great invention advice?

Ever wish you had a seasoned inventor that could walk you through the invention process and be your personal mentor? InventorSpot.com can't offer you that, but we can provide the next best thing.

We have two seasoned and successful inventors who are generously dedicating time in our forums to answer any questions you may have about the invention process. They are being joined from time to time by other seasoned and savvy inventors from our forum community to provide the type of experienced advice that is usually very hard to find and expensive when you find it.

Tony Fulford is an independent inventor and owner of InventionsOnDemand. His company develops ideas and inventions for other companies requiring new products. He also has a forum, Ask the Inventor, at InventorSpot.com where he actively helps other inventors in their pursuits.

Roger Brown is a freelance Inventor who has successfully marketed tools, toys, eyewear accessories and kitchen utensils. You can see some of his inventions at rogerbrown.net.

They, together with other experienced inventors and invention professionals, are available to answer all your invention questions. So, please feel free to join the conversations in our InventorSpot.com Forums and in the subforums at Ask the Inventor .

Aug 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Invent help

Is this a company to help people with their inventions. Turning ideas into products.