Twuner And Tweets That Talk Back!

What's all that yakking? They sometimes call the Twitterverse the Tower of Babel due to the global Twitterati all tweeting in various tongues simultaneously! Now, in addition to the hundreds of millions of tweets traversing Twitterville at lightening speed, someone got the bright idea to pump up the volume. Yes, with the new Twuner app, you never have to read another 140 character tweet again! Why? Because now you're going to be able to listen to them!

Twuner is the first Twitter application on a mobile platform, that brings the latest in text-to-speech technology to the world of micro-blogging. Its a talking Twitter client for the Apple iPhone or the iPod Touch developed by Krystronix, a software development company.

Released in the US and UK on August 10, the app is available at the Apple App Store for $2.99. As Twuner reads out Twitter posts, it will even play them while you're listening to music, with tweets announced then music playback automatically resumed.

Twuner automatically refreshes itself periodically, as often as every 30 seconds, so you can be fully up-to-date with all the news arriving via Twitter with minimal impact to your productivity according to Krystronix.

Here is a short demo of Twuner by Jennifer Van Grove from Mashable:

So head on over to Apple's App Store, so you can be one of the first on your virtual block to actually hear what the Twitterverse is yakking about! I understand it has a lot to say!