Txt Blocker: Business Offers Will Power Service, Limiting Cell Phone Use

Cell phone bans while driving are being rolled out around the world, with varying penalties for those who still choose to talk or text and drive. While the distractions that cell phones can cause are obvious, there are some who just can't resist answering a ring or responding to a text even when they're on the road. Since some drivers lack willpower, there's a business that's decided to take advantage!

Txt BlockerTxt Blocker

Txt Blocker offers a service that is actually quite cool. Using GPS technology in the phone, it's actually possible to set blocks upon receipt of phone or text messages during times when it's just not convenient or safe to talk, eliminating the imminent temptation. By entering an address, it's possible to limit use of cell phone when in locations like work or school; or setting time constraints during periods when users are typically behind the wheel.

Txt Blocker is a new service that allows individuals to manage their accounts online to set cell phone use control settings. At an affordable start-up and monthly rate, it's an innovative idea, but considering its main audience happens to be parents of teenage children, it's a business with a service that might be seen as an invasion of privacy by some.

Nov 18, 2009
by Anonymous

Get a hands free kit

I may be slightly biased working for a Telco and not only it being against the law but also a sackable offense to use a mobile whilst driving but I think the simple answer is to get a hands free kit for calls.

Whilst that doesn't answer the problems of receiving texts, the majority of friends know I won't respond to a text if I'm driving and will call.

I've seen plenty of bad driving whilst people are on the phone to not risk it myself.

As for a text/call blocker? Mobiles are used as everyday devices these days but there are still times when people need to contact you in an emergency and I'd be pretty frustrated if I couldn't get through to someone during one. Even if its just a call to say "There's been an accident on the M40, find another route" which has been a godsend many a time.


Nov 18, 2009
by Anonymous

Zoomsafer, more reliable and Easier to Use

I think the new software applications to ensure safe usage of your mobile device are very important and necessary. However, I found an application called Zoomsafer that I like much more and I feel is more suited for safety while driving. Distracted driving accidents create 5,870 deaths and about 515,000 injuries a year. This staggering statistic helped prompt Zoomsafer software. The software automatically detects when you’re driving -- locks your key-pad so you can’t send outbound texts and emails – you can however dial out using hands-free services. The service also suppresses non-priority inbound communication alerts (calls, texts, emails) – and sends auto replies notifying people that you’re driving and that you’ll get back to them when you reach your destination. It’s customizable, so you can allow calls from priority contacts to come through. Plus a future version – due in December – will enable you to send and receive voice powered text messages – while you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, zooming safely. This is the only software I use!