Tylt Energi+ Backpack Is Here To Charge Your Gadgets

Gadget fiends and tech journalists rejoice. The Tylt Energi+ Backpack is here to recharge all of your phones, tablets, and other miscellaneous gadgets. For the geek on the go, or the constantly under pressure tech writer, being able to recharge your devices at a moment's notice is key. With the Energi+ backpack, you can charge up to three of your devices at a time!

Tylt Energi+: Side angle of the Energi+Tylt Energi+: Side angle of the Energi+

If I sound passionate about this backpack, it's because I am. One of the better bags to come out in recent memory, Tylt has really addressed many of the issues found in similar bags.  Offering five external pockets and two internal pockets, users will have no problem finding a place for their electronics. To make this even better, the Energi+ has a built in wiring system going to each of these pockets, allowing for quick and easy charging. 

The Energi+ is able to charge three of your devices simultaneously, and it does this by means of a 10,000 mAh battery. On a full charge, this battery can fully charge a cellphone three times, as well as give your tablet a full charge. To charge the Energi+ battery, simply plug into any USB port to charge your pack back up. This includes using your laptop to charge the battery.

Tylt Energi+: The internals of the Energi+Tylt Energi+: The internals of the Energi+

In addition to its tech and charging features, the Energi+ also offers many things for travelers. The Energi+ features a crush proof pocket for sunglasses and valuables, as well as a side pocket that allows users to quickly reach airline tickets, driver's licenses, and passports. 

I would have liked an RFID pocket somewhere on the backpack, similar to what the Tech Jacket offers, but maybe that will come in future versions of the bag.  

Coming in at $200, the Tylt Energi+ is a very competitively priced high-end backpack.  It is a great bag for tech junkies, business people, and travelers. Fully loaded down, the bag can be a bit bulky, but it is a small price to pay if you need to stay constantly connected.


Source: Tylt and Amazon

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