Typeface: Niche Personalized Font Biz With Facial Analysis

Everyone likes businesses that focus upon customization; perhaps because we're all just so into ourselves as a human race that we want to make purchases that really reflect who we are. Well, there's one company that's helping people do so in a somewhat nerdy way, while putting a twist on an old idea.


Personalized fonts are huge, because everyone wants something that reflects them individually, or they want something that is unique enough that it attracts people to their business when used on a website, on a logo or elsewhere.

Typeface is a new business concept that will use technology to analyze your face and convert it into type that appropriately reflects it! It's designed to read face shape and transform that into your very own font. The specifics on how this technology will work have yet to be unveiled, but it could be an interesting niche within a niche business!



Via: Springwise http://springwise.com/style_design/typeface/