Typemonstriters : Jeremy Mayer Makes Frankenstein Proud

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Remember typewriters? I barely do. I remember playing with one way back when and even then it was already considered old and useless.

Lovely, as the sounds were that came from pushing buttons and hearing the stop bell ring on an old typewriter, there is no denying that when computers came along typewriters just couldn't compare to computers. Since there was no more need for them typewriters were simply discarded. Fortunately Jeremy Mayer came a long and created a way to rescue some of them from the landfill.

Jeremy Mayer is an artist from Tahoe City, California. His curiosity with typewriters and art began as a boy. Years later he has used his artistic talent to create cats, crickets, human skeletons and even "anatomically correct human figures" or what I like to call his Typemonstriters out of typewriter parts.

He begins by finding old typewriters on eBay, flea markets and second hands stores. He then takes these old typewriters apart by hand, categorized them and then spends hours sometimes years creating his typewriter creatures.

The most amazing thing about his work is that he does not weld, solder or glue together any of his creations. According to his website bio, the process is "entirely cold assembly". It is estimated that about 1,000 hours and about 40 typewriters are needed to put together "a full-scale figurine" such as his reclining female sculpture.

If you are interested in seeing Jeremy Mayer's recycled art live he has an exhibition in Device Gallery, La Jolla, California in the summer of 2009. For more information on Jeremy or pictures of his artwork visit his website Jeremymayer.com.

Via Treehugger and Wired