Typhoons Can Blow, I've Got My UnBRELLA!

High winds made a mockery of your expensive umbrella? Mock 'em right back with the UnBRELLA! This rebooted and innovative new umbrella design won't turn inside out when outside winds are blowing.

Conceived by Japanese design and consulting firm H-Concept, the UnBRELLA looks at first glance like an ordinary umbrella that's already been blown out by a windstorm – even before it's been opened. In fact, appearance for once do not deceive. To quote reviewers from DesignTAXI, “this umbrella will not turn inside out as it has already been turned inside out. Its supporting metal skeleton is on the outside to keep its shape in place.”

The result somewhat resembles a cantilever bridge and some of the same basic engineering principles apply: when strong winds push against the underside of the UnBRELLA, the inverted steel spoke superstructure provides maximum resistance. Sort of like going against the flow instead of with it.

An additional benefit of owning an UnBRELLA reveals itself when one goes indoors and attempts to either lean or hang their fold umbrella in a place not intended for such things. The UnBRELLA rests on multiple hardpoints, not just one. No leaning, no hanging, no problem!

“The UnBRELLA's difference to umbrellas we've grown accustomed to using but I think you'll be aware of the improvement immediately,” states Hiroshi Kajimoto of H -Concept. “I would even go as far as to say this is the new standard for umbrellas. Positive thinking for a rainy day!”

The UnBRELLA comes in your choice of Light Blue, Navy or Turquoise and will be priced at 9,450 yen or about $91 each. Expensive, yes, but if it works as promised your UnBRELLA will outlast more than a few ordinary brollies.

You can find out for yourself if the UnBRELLA is all it's cracked up to be but you'll have to wait until this coming February of 2014 when the UnBRELLA is scheduled to be released for retail sales. Putting things off for a rainy day was never so true.