UAttend Brings The Time Clock To The Cloud

UAttend Time ClockUAttend Time Clock

Employers rejoice. Employees relax. All is well. There’s a new way to keep track of all that accumulated overtime. The uAttend Employee Management System seems a natural extension of our cloud-based obsessions. In the 21st century, things should be easier, processes should be streamlined. That’s the prime directive of the uAttend, to make payroll processing more accurate.

The product offers electronic employee time tracking devices, including a biometric fingerprint time clock, which uses face recognition software. Thinking of having someone else punch in for you? Think again. Talk about living in a science fiction action thriller. UAttend also offers fingerprint time clocks. Additionally, these technologies are tied into the uAttend Employee Management System, a web-based service that allows employees to punch in and out from timeclocks, the Internet, or by phone.

There’s also mobile and smartphone applications that can be used in tandem with the time clocks. This widens the various ways employees have at their disposable to keep accurate work time. For employers, obviously the advantages are twofold: better evaluation of employee’s use of time and cost containment. Hardworking employees can be rewarded for their diligence. Conversely, the office slacker’s going to be in trouble.

The California-based company has made the uAttend a simple “Plug n Play” product that can be up and running within a few hours. Whether this’ll be a popular product at your office is open to debate, but as innovations go, the uAttend gets a nod for originality.