uDraw Looks Great But That Doesn’t Mean Wii Will Like It

Gaming powerhouse THQ is poised to claim an untapped niche of the Wii peripheral market with the uDraw, coming in late 2010.

The device is a “small white handheld tablet with a 4” by 6” drawing spacing and detachable, pressure-sensitive stylus designed to offer more subtle control and precision than available on the traditional Wii Remote™”, according to the official press release.


In essence? It’s Mario Paint for a new generation.


Anyone remember that old gem? It came with a hard plastic mouse pad and a halfway decent mouse and let budding artists create everything from pretty pictures to musical compositions. Oh, and it let you play a “fly swatter” game which was pretty much fantastic.


It’s surprising that Nintendo itself hasn’t come out with such a device, but THQ has a reputation for making decent games and peripherals at an equally decent price. The plan is to release the thing right around – you guessed it – Christmas, for a price of $69.99USD.


The uDraw looks pretty slick and fits right in with the rest of the Wii cadre, and is slated to come with a “uDraw Studio” game (we call it “Mario Paint 2.0”), with plenty more games with uDraw support to follow.

This: Is a Unicorn. Seriously.This: Is a Unicorn. Seriously.


While THQ claims that they can sell over 1 million of these even without an advertising blitz, the proof will be in the green, dollar-bill colored pudding that customers are willing to shell out for the thing. The Wii itself and the Balance Board were huge hits, resulting in massive lineups and a barren wasteland, devoid of any supply of either device.


THQ is clearly hoping for a similar result, but there’s no guarantee that they have the same magic touch as Nintendo themselves.


We’ll let time tell the tale - we wouldn’t want to paint them all with the same brush.


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Nov 22, 2010
by Anonymous

do u half to have a nintendo

do u half to have a nintendo wii in order to use the game.or how does it work.