Ugly Purse Design: Rick Owens Mink Fur Toad Purse

Every woman likes to have a fabulous accessory on her arm that gets people talking and holds her stuff. Sometimes it's a man, sometimes it's a purse, and sometimes, when it's a new horrifying design, she's better off leaving it at home.

Fur Toad PurseFur Toad Purse

Nope, I wasn't talking about the man - I was talking about the new Rick Owens Fur Toad Bag which is quite possibly the ugliest accessory ever, though it's sure to be an attention grabber when worn for a night out on the town. The hideous, unique purse is made from brown mink fur, and while it might look like a terrifying plush creature from your childhood nightmares, it does actually have a zipper that's concealed on the backside of the toad accessory.

Rick Owens Ugly AccessoryRick Owens Ugly Accessory

The tote is available from, and believe it or not, many have been so wowed by its hideousness, it's sold out today pending further stock.  But what do you think of this design; I'm not so sure, put a couple of straps on it and it feels like an early 90's fashion revival of plush backpacks without the cute and cuddly.

Via: TrendHunter

Nov 28, 2009
by Anonymous

thats ugly i love it

thats ugly i love it