UK Gym Introduces Unique Business Model: Workouts With Human Barbells

A gym's a gym, right? Regardless of where you choose to workout, you'll find all the same standard equipment. Well, with so many gyms worldwide offering similar service, it can be difficult for one to really capture the industry. Forget enticing membership promotions, one gym in the UK is making their name with a very unique form of weight lifting equipment.

Human BarbellsHuman Barbells

Gymbox in Central London knows the competition is tough, and in order to standout from the rest of the gyms in the area, they're getting new fitness lovers through the door by offering equipment for weight lifting that you just can't find anyone else. Yes, this bizarre gym offers human barbells for people to workout with. The human weights wear lycra catsuits that have their weights listed, and they wait on specifically adapted machines. Naturally, they're available in a variety of sizes, with little people weighing only 30 kg and human weights on the larger end clocking in a 155 kg.


The idea behind introducing human weights at this gym isn't just to get people through the door; it's also to provide people with more encouragement and motivation than they get by lifting a traditional barbell that doesn't talk back. Gymbox has been receiving a substantial amount of press for their unique business model - but to date, they're still one of a kind!

Via: Telegraph