UK’s Most Innovative Restaurant: Inamo Touch Screen Ordering & Video Feed

Who needs waiters and waitresses? UK Asian fusion restaurant Inamo, uses cutting-edge touch screen technology that allows diners to browse and make their meal selections self-sufficiently. Patrons can also watch a live video stream directly from the kitchen so they receive no unwelcome surprises in their meals!

While the UK's most innovative restaurant may save on labor costs, since servers at the restaurant are only there to serve drinks, meals and manage conflict; their cutting-edge touch screen technology built into every table at Inamo certainly can't be cheap. Another cool feature is that patrons at Inamo also get to play interior designer, since they are able to choose the display designed on each of the tables. Since the eclectic décor is chalk full of digitally produced images, Inamo naturally attracts a younger crowd that likes the hallucinogenic affect of the dining experience; it's not the place to go for an elegant candlelit dinner.

As if the dining experience isn't entertaining enough with the live video streams from the kitchen; Inamo also allows users to play games on the touch pads at their table. The ideal venue for bad dates, since there's no pressure to talk to one another, diners can engage over competitive games of digital battleship on the tables' touch pads.

The UK's most innovative restaurant features a variety of Asian Fusion meal items on their digital menus. At 3 to 15 GBP per dish, the restaurant is surprisingly very competitively priced.

This innovative new restaurant, which opened in September of 2008, is taking dining to a modern new interactive level which will undoubtedly quickly become a new trend in the hospitality industry.

Via: View London

Mar 13, 2009
by Anonymous

what happens when the power

what happens when the power goes out?

May 14, 2009
by Anonymous

ideas on, comments

Power Outage
Grid shutdown by area
NO Backup AC Gen system.

Otherwise doable.

Assult those Power Issues & Your In.

Id add these to Resturant:\

Fuel Cell modles
Lithium Ion Batteries.
Recycling water
Solar cells- by locale
Liquor Auto Bar
Wine Bar
Water Bar
Robotic servers
Robotic Bartender
Manned Kitchen (save trash dumping robot).
Automate Dishwashing.
Spice Garden
& Lobby

Come to the US.

Expand in Canada & the US alone.