Ultimate Hauling Machine: The Top 10 “What If?” BMW Pickup Trucks

In 2011 BMW tantalized us with a one-off M3 E93 pickup concept and regardless of BMW execs stating a pickup “does not fit to our genes and our culture,” rumors of the company's April Fool's joke becoming reality just won't go away. Some BM-double-ute fans can't wait, it seems, as these ten bizarre pickups perfectly illustrate.     

1971 BMW 1600 Pickup

Maybe “coupé utility vehicle” is a better term for DIY BMW pickups since most were derived from standard coupes. Take this maroon 1971 BMW 1600, cleverly converted into an El Camino-like runabout and offered for sale for just shy of 15K... and you bet it sold! (BMW pickup truck image via Autoevolution

BMW 7-series Sedan Pickup

OK, there are right ways to do things and wrong ways – guess what category this modified BMW 7-series sedan falls into? One wonders what the purpose of the roll cage is, unless it's to protect passengers riding in the pickup bed... wait, what? (BMW pickup truck image via Speed Hero)

BMW M5 Pickup

This BMW M5 pickup conversion looks quite refined; nothing here should disturb our disdainful pickup-phobic BMW VP in the least. The country-club set should approve as well given the modified M5 has a rear load carrying capacity of 550kg (1,213lbs) and boasts room for up to 26 golf bags. (BMW pickup truck image via CarThrottle)

2009 BMW 7-series + 1954 BMW R68 Cycle

They say one good BMW deserves another but does a radically modified 7-series luxocruiser deserve to haul a classic 1954 BMW R68 motorcycle? Ask the man who owns one – or even better, one who's lucky enough to own both. (BMW pickup truck image via DeviantArt/airmatabuaya)   

Clemson's Transforming BMW Pickup/CUV

Graduate students at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) figured future consumers will want vehicles that embody the best features of a sporty pickup truck and a refined crossover. The result was Deep Orange 4, a massaged BMW X3 that resembles the GMC Envoy XUV. Memo to students: GM discontinued the Envoy XUV. (BMW pickup truck image via Fox News)

BMW 320i Pickup

Merrye Olde England is where you'll find this converted BMW 320i coupe, which explains why it appears to be parked on the wrong side of the road. The screamin' red machine does sport a For Sale sign, though, indicating the novelty of BMW pickup ownership is fleeting at best. (BMW pickup truck image via milknosugar

BMW X5 Pickup

If a CUV is already part car and part truck, than converting a BMW X5 to a pickup truck should be child's play. Don't know about you but our inner child wants to know more about that wild green-turquoise-blue-violet paint job. (BMW pickup truck image via BoostAddict

BMW E46 M3 Pickup Drifter

Fast yes, but furious? That would be the owner of this seriously modified BMW E46 M3 who loaned you his unmolested ride for the weekend. (BMW pickup truck image via CarThrottle)  

E36 BMW-3 Series Pickup Truck

OK, so this E36 BMW-3 Series Pickup Truck is a bit rough around the edges but look on the bright (literally) side: anyone and everyone behind you can see you brake and/or turn. And so what if the lights look a little cheap & cheesy; priced an official BMW taillight lens lately? (BMW pickup truck image via HD Walls)

1957 BMW Isetta Pickup

If it was good enough for Urkel, it's good enough for you, Bubba. BMW has come a long way since the one-door, three-wheeled Isetta micro-pickup but this sole survivor is living proof that pickup trucks were once part of BMW's genes and culture... and might easily become so once again. (BMW pickup truck image via Microcar Museum, at top via Motoring.com)