The Ultimate Book Nook For Bibliophiles

For all of their convenience, electronic readers like the Kindle and Nook haven't make the dent in book sales as had been expected overall. There has been no death knell for traditional publishers. Lovers of books are not Openbook Chair by TILTOpenbook Chair by TILTcompletely ready to give up the tactile experience of holding the pages in their hands, smelling the paper, and dog-earing a page to mark the spot. People who love to read also love to have just the right nook to curl with a book. Enter Openbook by TILT -- a chair and library in one.

TILT is an award-winning company specializing in architecture and design. They design creative use of space, and transforming the way people interact. The London firm works to make "refreshing spaces that better compliment the purpose and the personality of the people that use them." 

Openbook Chair by TILTOpenbook Chair by TILTThe Openbook is basically a big comfy chair with bookshelves and a spot to set your cup of tea on one side and a magazine rack on the other side. With high sides the chair also has the privacy qualities of a study carrel, so that it can shut out the distractions and noise of the world, and yet open enough to keep you from feeling confined.

It is just the perfect thing for that empty corner of your home that could be so easily transformed into your favorite place to sit and read, and maybe even weave a dream or two.

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