Ultimate Cat Fashions & Photos Are Back For 2014: The Catclub Calendar By United Bamboo


If you love fashion and love cats and you never miss a chance to see a truly artistic rendering of either or both of them, you will want to purchase, and then save, the 2014 United Bambo Catclub Cat Calendar.   This fourth such calendar published by United Bamboo will be out October 1st and here's a preview and a special offer for early cat-birds....


United Bamboo Catclub Calendar 2014: Photographer: Noah SheldonUnited Bamboo Catclub Calendar 2014: Photographer: Noah Sheldon


Started in 2009 as kind of a whim, United Bamboo's Cat Calendar has featured spectacular cat models in equally spectacular outfits, miniatures of the company's catwalk fashions.  The calendar's fans started a movement in the company which has grown since the first calendar.  The 'Catclub' was founded as a 'cat'egory of United Bamboo, and after the 2014 Cat Calendar comes out October 1, 2013, you can expect more items from the Catclub - maybe wrapping paper, maybe t-shirts... it's a surprise!

In the meantime, the 2014 Cat Calendar promises to be a keeper - I still have mine on my office walls from 2009 on....  Above, the January cat in wonderful United Bamboo miniature duffle coat!  Here are two more previews of 2014's cat stars.


 United Bambooo Cat (2014): Photograph by Noah SheldonUnited Bambooo Cat (2014): Photograph by Noah Sheldon


United Bambooo Cat (2014): Photograph by Noah SheldonUnited Bambooo Cat (2014): Photograph by Noah Sheldon


The special deal?  The United Bamboo 2014 Cat Calendar, photographed by Noah Sheldon and designed by Studio Lin goes on sale October 1, 2013.  Order before October 8, 2013, and you get free shipping! You can pick up past Cat Calendars here at bargain prices!


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