The Ultimate Chopsticks For Inept Westerners

Being able to eat with chopsticks is a skill that many of us in the Western world aspire to, much to the amusement of Asians everywhere. After all, where they have been successfully feeding themselves this way for several millennia, many of us could starve to death trying to gain the manual dexterity needed. Now we have an intermediate option with ForkChops 3-in-1 Eating Utensils.

 ForkChops 3-in-1 UtensilsForkChops 3-in-1 Utensils

These fun chopsticks will allow you to attack your fried rice and Kung Pao shrimp in the traditional way to exercise those skills. Then, when huger really hits and your lap is full of crustacean bits, you can switch to a fork without getting up and making a run for the kitchen.

Let's face it, there is also an awful lot of Western food that doesn't lend itself well to chopsticks and sometimes those tasty treats will show up at your favorite Chinese buffet. There you are, ready to make the switch to a knife and fork with one quick baton twirl. 

Chopsticks End of the ForkChopChopsticks End of the ForkChop Knife and Fork Ends of the ForkChopKnife and Fork Ends of the ForkChop


The tips of these chopsticks are even textured at the ends so that those slippery but tasty Lo Mein or Ramen noodles won't get away from you. Much better than picking the noodles off your shirt.

ForkChops are available in 18 different colors. They are made of food-safe polystyrene and are dishwasher safe if they are on the top shelf. This product is also made in the U.S.A.

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