Ultimate Relaxation: Yoga And Music Join Together In Perfect Harmony

If there's one thing I look to to wind me down after a hard, stressful day, it's...scotch. But if I'm trying to stay sober for the day, the other way to go would be music. Yes, nothing makes the frustration and irritation of life melt away like a few minutes of favorite tunes.

Except perhaps yoga (and scotch). I'm no yoga guru, but any activity that's all about focus and meditation has got to be good for relaxing and unwinding. 

So I'd bet that combining yoga with choice tunes would be like the ultimate relaxer. This Audio Yoga Mat from Gaiam features a built in speaker and iPod dock, so that you can have your yoga and music in one package. Sure you could do yoga in your living room and just play your stereo, but the Audio Mat lets you do yoga wherever inspires you--in your backyard, at the beach, on mountain summit at sunrise--and still have access to your tunes without any additional equipment. Plus that appealing green coy pond design is reason in itself to get this mat. 

And if you're angle is to up your yoga skills, you can also download an instructional yoga program from Gaiam. Invite yoga expert Rodney Yee right onto your mat (through the speaker, of course--nothing creepy) to guide you through the routine and make you a yoga pro.

You can find this mat for under 30 bucks

Via: BeSportier 

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