Ultime Réalité: The Ultimate Thrill With Abduction And Stalking Services

If you've ever dreamed of being abducted or of doing a little harmless stalking that won't end in a jail sentence, then there is one French company more than ready to make those dreams come true for those thrill-seekers!

Ultime RéalitéUltime Réalité

It might have been featured on CSI seasons ago, and for those that have been lusting after such a service ever since, France based Ultime Réalité is ready to make the dreams come true. Their kidnapping package includes an unexpected abduction while fully bound and gagged, and even up to 10 hours of imprisonment. Those who have been watching too many cop shows can add to their experience by including a high-speed helicopter chase, ransom demand, or even an Extreme add-on package where you can opt to wake up in the morgue.

The Go-Fast Adventure is the other incredible package that offers a stalking-style appearance. For those who have had lifelong dreams of playing cops and robbers, it's also possible to be a drug smuggler or the person hunting him or her down!

Hey, some people might choose skydiving, but if you get your thrills in the "pee your pants" way, well, you know where to go!! Or, how about this for a job?!

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Mar 9, 2010
by Anonymous

Is this legal by French laws?

Like the Go Fast package BUT being abducted?

lawsuits by those "gifted" by abduction experience
Local codes
Experience gone wrong?
Police do show UP & make it worse/.

Otherwise Unique experience.

Love to see this in the US, Canada?

Mar 15, 2010
by Anonymous

I've done a very little

I've done a very little research into this, but from what I understand local police are informed of any "illegal" actions beforehand so as to be able to deal with the emergency calls. Legally, the waiver proves consent, so it would be difficult to shut the company down for forcing an unwanted course of action on the customer/victim.

Mar 28, 2010
by Anonymous


The police would never ignore a call for a kidnapping. Even if they are aware that something like this was happening, they will still send an officer to find out exactly what is going on. Sometimes private investigators are caught carrying out surveillance and the police are called. They will respond, even though the PI told them what was going on. They won't be charged, but the cops won't take chances like this.

I can't imagine, however, that the police would be too thrilled if they received a call for a kidnapping, thought it was real and sent a whole bunch of officers out to stop the "kidnappers", only to find it was a fake.