Ultra Violet Cutting Board System Destroys 99.9% Of Germs


Germs and bacteria – they’re everywhere!  Not that they are all bad, but there is reason to be cautious.  There are so many anti-bacterial products currently available it is tough to know what to use.  While the intention behind them is great, a lot of anti-bacterial cleaners are harsh or even harmful and other methods are often ineffective.  In the kitchen it is especially important to be mindful of bacteria and cross contamination.  One thing that many people do is to keep different cutting surfaces for meats and vegetables.  While this method helps, it is likely not completely effective.

If you want to be more confident that you are not spreading bad bacteria around the kitchen then the Ultra Violet Cutting Board System may be for you.  The system consists of four polypropylene cutting boards that are stored in a holder that emits UV light.  The light reportedly kills 99.9 percent of germs.

Having four boards means that you can still keep one for each type of food (vegetables, meat, fish and fruit), in case you want to be extra vigilant.  The unit can conveniently rest on the countertop or be mounted on the wall to save space.  You can find the Ultra Violet Cutting Board System here


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