Ultrasonic Sewing: Tech Breakthrough in Garment Industry

The garment industry is investing heavily into high tech gadgets and equipment to create innovative clothes which demand a look-see.

A new trend in this industry is the use of ultrasonic ‘sewing' machines which make it possible to stitch a garment together without a trace of needles or thread.

High frequency sound waves are used in this process, to melt and bond edges of a fabric together. Result?

A clean and smooth seam that can lie perfectly flush with the skin without causing any abrasion or discomfort.

At this point, the technology is expensive and slower than normal stitching. But this hasn't, deterred big sports apparel brands such as Nike from investing money into the development of the process.

Check out this completely thread-less Nike Revolutionary Sports Bra that retails at approximately $70. Even the hook adjusters on the back have dodged sewing.

Keep a look out for this technology and wait for products to hit the shelves this year as manufacturers try to create top-notch, sleek and streamlined products.

Via: Nike

Sep 25, 2008
by Anonymous

Wow. That is fantastic.

Wow. That is fantastic.