Umazon Video Editor Keyboard Has Integrated Jog Shuttle

Everyone watches YouTube and many would like to make and post their own home-made videos. The Umazon GR-100 keyboard from Hanwha Japan not only makes editing videos easier, you'll also end up with more professional videos.

The GR-100 can replace your regular keyboard - except for the jog shuttle knob on the right it's the same as a good quality, membrane expression, 107-key keyboard.

Now for the specs: Keyboard jog shuttle lets you jog 10 pulses up to 360 degrees and shuttle operations can be made up to 160 degrees. Supported OS's are Windows XP, Vista and 7. Interface is USB 2.0. Included are GReditor video editing software , GRencoder and GRplayer. Adobe Premier, Pinnacle Studio and Sony VAIO Vegas are available as presets.

Here's what Hanwha Japan has to say about this distinctive new keyboard: "The GR100 is based on a Japanese keyboard, with numeric keypad jog & shuttle controller for video editing with integrated USB keyboard. Change the key mapping 'Key Changer' by using the Adobe Premiere jog and even major applications and operations to enable the shuttle to easily scale and enable the construction of a video editing environment." Whew, that's a mouthful - sounds impressive enough to me but just how impressed will both pro and amateur video editors be?

The Umazon GR-100 keyboard from Hanwha Japan is priced at 17,800 yen (just under $200) in Japan and can be ordered - seemingly with free shipping - through Yahoo Japan or Rinkya Stores. (via Sync)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This keyboard is not available in the U.S. You can see some of the editing keyboards and video controllers available for sale in the U.S. here.

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