Umbra’s Grip Coasters Help Enforce Coaster Use


‘Tis the season to start thinking about all the preparations you’ll have to make for the holidays. Once Halloween has passed the time flies and the festive season is upon you before you know it. It may still feel a bit early, but the more you get done now, the less stressed out you’ll feel when the time comes. If you aren’t yet ready to start buying gifts, you can at least pick up a few things that will come in handy for your holiday parties and Umbra’s Grip Coasters are a good place to start.

Having people over is fun; finding sticky rings and water damage marks on your furniture the next day is not. Yes, some guests are respectful and use a coaster, especially when you have some strategically placed around the room, but others are oblivious. Fortunately, Umbra has come up with a clever way for you to enforce coaster use without seeming like an anal host.

Grip Coasters are colorful silicone disks that fit snugly over the bottoms of wine glasses, bottles, glasses and cans. The bendable tabs keep them in place. Each set comes with six coasters, each in a different color so that the coasters also function as drink identifiers. Just slip one on each drink as you hand them out to guests and remind them to keep using the coasters so they can tell their drinks apart from others.

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