Umbrella Changes Color When Rain Hits

Umbrellas are a real utilitarian product that you can't really get too excited about. Unless your umbrella is equipped with a gun like the Penguin's, it's really just a boring tool that you use every once in a while when scurrying inside in a storm. Nothing too special can be done there. 

Well, proving that umbrellas can be a bit more interesting than they first appear, the Squidarella uses hydrochromatic ink that changes colors when the water trickles down. The umbrella turns from black and white to a collage of brilliant colors the minute you pop it open in the rain. Despite the desperate need for a more catchy name, the Squidarella brings a bit of intrigue to an extremely dull accessory. 

While some may prefer to stick with their simple, one-function umbrella, others can undoubtedly appreciate the splash of fun provided by a Squidarella. The umbrella is available from SquidLondon for around $40.

EDITOR'S NOTE: There are several color changing umbrellas now on the market. A few examples can be seen here on Amazon.

 via: DVICE

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