Social Media Gets Its Own Hall Of Fame?

If you're an agency like Umpf out of the UK that develops social media campaigns for your clients to generate buzz, user-generated content and customer engagement - what do you do  to promote yourselves. Well- while somewhat transparent - you lay claim to establishing a "Social Media Halls of Fame" in hopes of becoming the go-to source for identifying the best social media campaigns initiated, whether or not your agency had anything to do with creating them.

Describing themselves as "PR, but with a bit more Umpf," founder Adrian Johnson distinguishes themselves as a new breed of PR agency, working beyond traditional and one-way media relations to provide a menu of services that include, but are not limited to "Guerrilla Activity," "Crisis Communication," "Stunts & Street Activity," and something called "Word-of-Mouse," (an obvious play on words referring to any viral marketing activity initiated online).

In describing his self-proclaimed "Hall of Fame," Johnson identifies some 54 of what he claims is the "world's best social media campaigns" where the common denominator that unites them all is creativity. "Whether they've been created to raise product awareness, increase sales, drive footfall, add fans, improve SEO or enhance audience engagement, one simple thread links all these social media campaigns together: a clever concept," notes Johnson.

According to their press release, Johnson asserts that "at the heart of any great marketing campaign, whether it's a press ad, a piece of DM, sales promotion, PR, or in this case social media, you'll typically find a brilliant idea - each of the campaigns in our Hall of Fame exhibits that trait, helping generate brand buzz, conversations, interaction and engagement."

The 54 "world's best" campaigns identified by Umpf range from iconic brands such as Coca Cola, Ford, Nike and Nokia to lesser known names such as Ascendgence and DARPA. Others like Ashton Kutcher's well publicized challenge to beat Larry King and CNN in attracting one million followers also made the list - even though it came with the disclaimer: "This case study has been in and out of the Umpf list - however, we felt it merits a place because of  the stunt (that) popularized Twitter with the masses."

Other inclusions are no surprise as well  -from the "Old Spice Man" to Barack Obama's campaign strategy winning his election bid in good part to developing a first-time comprehensive social media strategy.

Crisis management, as a category was also included in the Hall of Fame selections with brands that were able to turn a social media disastrous event on its heels. When pizza giant Domino's experienced a problem with a couple of employees uploading videos of themselves defacing pizzas on YouTube, within 48 hours, the fast food chain responded with a video of its own on its Facebook page that minimized the damage and convinced the public of the brand's dedication to quality control.

So aside from collating this list of "Hall of Fame" winners, there was no annoucement as to a ceremony to mark the event or what qualifies new campaigns to be added in future years. While, I give Umpf the credit for coming up with this self-promoting idea, I guess the proof is in the pudding as to how many of Umpf's clients become future 'Hall of Famers" - as they run the risk of 'conflict of interest.' That being said, those that feel their social media campaigns are worth a little "umpf", you can email the agency with your campaign details for consideration at